The CFI Summit is coming to Tacoma, Washington next month on October 24-27. A joint conference of the Center for Inquiry and its affiliate organizations, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and the Council for Secular Humanism. Many "members" (operatives?) in the highly secretive skeptical community in the Pacific Northwest are very interested in this conference. The (supposed)topic of the conference,
described in their very own literature, as a "Meeting of minds—a call to collaborative action...The time has come: humanists, skeptics, and other critical thinkers coming together to work together for a more rational world."  Well, to this blogger, this seems like thinly-disguised propaganda highly reminiscent of the Bilderberg Group. One wonders about their secret, hidden, agenda. That is, what is their "real," plan? I present the following points of evidence for your consideration: 1) Why would this organization gather in the relatively obscure location of Tacoma WA, rather than a major population center like New York City or Chicago? (Note: They even avoided nearby Seattle. Perhaps to avoid associations with the disastrous WTO protests in 1999? Hmm.); 2) A number of the attendees are KNOWN to be government employees. 3) Many participants are well-known, educated-elites, supposed "scientists," possessing Ph.D.s or M.D.s 4) Several of the speakers are known to be atheists, or at least, have atheist leanings. 5) They are meeting (conspiring?) at the Hotel Murano which is described as having a "bold Euro décor themed to the region’s art-glass heritage." (italics added). "Euro décor," suggesting subconsciously a possible world-government agenda, and, cryptically, "art-glass heritage," creating a facade, a false-veneer, of openness. And finally; 6) Some, but not all, of the participants have pronounced liberal leanings.

    I ask you, isn't this evidence enough? What, exactly, are they hiding? Who are the principals (i.e.puppeteers), pulling the strings at the CFI Summit? A closer look identifies Bill Nye, a known corrupter of youth, using the folksy pseudonym "The Science Guy," who for several years now has been trying to wrest the hearts and minds of children from the teachings of their caring parents because, as he describes it, "We need them." See video here. I ask: Need them for what? What sort of behavioral-priming and indoctrination is going on. Preparation for admission to a secret science cult? One can only speculate. Perhaps his position as Executive Director of the Planetary Society is a clue. No, I'm not saying definitively that alien intelligence is involved--but it could be. Another leader in the organization is Harriet Hall, (AKA the "Skepdoc"), who, as a known retiree of the Air Force, undoubtedly provides a shadowy military intelligence-gathering presence at the meeting. Dr. Hall is well-known for her advocacy of so-called, "science-based" medicine in lieu of the much more popular alternative medicine. Yet another dark presence is Susan Gerbic, who, in conjunction with her army of "Guerrilla Skeptics," directs a sort of skeptical "truth squad," to propagandize the internet. Their primary target is Wikipedia, where these "Guerrillas" covertly introduce their version of "objective skeptical truth," in place of far-superior subjective truths.
    The speakers are listed at the CFI Summit website, which is almost certainly a front. (Who knows what hyperlinks can be accessed using top-secret passwords that only "certain select individuals" have been provided with.) Just a cursory view identifies a smorgasbord of evil. A sampling: Jim Alcock (Professor of Psychology), Greta Christina (admitted atheist), Elizabeth Cornwall (Initiator of the OUT campaign, suspected internationalist), Michael De Dora (representative to the United Nations) Eugenie C. Scott (Darwinist), Ophelia Benson (known feminist)...the sordid assemblage of propaganda purveyors goes on. This organization even has the hubris to have a "costume"party (clearly a means to provide cover for attendance by additional anonymous attendees) with entertainment provided by, (shockingly) the "Heathens."  To see complete details see this link. But, be forewarned, there is no certainty in this blogger's mind that website visitors aren't being monitored. Go there at your own risk.
    As you can tell, I have been carefully watching the activities of this organization. I ask your indulgence Do You Think? Blog fans, to look closely at the below photograph. What do you see? 

Don't see it yet? Perhaps it is too subtle to the untrained eye. Let me remove some of what I'm sure is deliberately confusing print. Look carefully below. 
Still having trouble? Look carefully at the shadowy dark "smudge" on the mountain, just to the lower left edge of the summit. Or, look at the below picture, which is an enlarged view.
Aha! Now you see it, don't you?  Note the dark shadow. A clearly identifiable cryptid.
Look carefully at the enlarged, enhanced, photo on the left and compare it to the classic picture on the right. Yes, indeed, it is the icon of the Pacific Northwest: bigfoot. Although in the picture on the left he seems slightly ethereal, and perhaps a bit more obese, there is no mistaking what it REALLY is. Yes, this conference is an obvious cover operation for their thinly-disguised purpose. The surface agenda may be education, but the not-so-obvious agenda is to examine this irrefutable proof of the existence of bigfoot. THAT is the real reason why they (And just who is the REAL THEY behind the they one wonders.) have created this assemblage of so-called skeptics. And I will add that NOWHERE on the CFI Summit announcement can I find any indication that bigfoot will be a topic of discussion--as if any more proof was needed.
    But, Do Ya Think? Blog fans, take heart, this intrepid blogger will be attending the conference. Attendance may be the wrong description. I will MONITOR their activities and will report any irregularities faithfully. The truth is out there, and I intend to find it.


Joseph Chupar
09/24/2013 5:42pm

I am extremely impressed by this man's dedication. It is decidedly difficult to type while holding a burning cross and wearing a tinfoil hat.

Eric Rayburn
09/24/2013 10:28pm

Oh, that was so cute. It gave me the first laugh I've had today. Makes me wish I could afford to go too.


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